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Three products working together to give us beautiful, healthy skin.

I’m so happy and honored to be one of the influencers discussing beauty routine and tips with #FaceForward ambassador Hannah Bronfman on a panel for TZR, video to come soon … I’m sure you’re all pretty familiar with CLINIQUE and their 3-step system as it’s been their signature treatment for many years and now they’re relaunching it by teaching younger girls the importance of skin care since a very young age. So let’s all learn more!

CLINIQUE‘s 3-step skin regimen is simple and easy (just three minutes to love your skin again). The basis is cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize, but the regimen is customized for your skin type! CLINIQUE was the first dermatologist guided brand. Their doctors have developed these products to suit the way (YOUR) skin works naturally. Whether it’s dry or sensitive. oily or prone to breakouts,  is in the business to help all of us flaunt GREAT SKIN ALWAYS. Get your 3-step products here and make sure to follow The Zoe Report for more updates on the #FaceForward campaign and the influencers panel!

You won’t resists the new 3-step skin regimen packaging, it comes with the cutest little stickers !!

Clinique 3 step system

Clinique 3 step system

Stickers - 3 step system

All products by CLINIQUE

‘Dramatically Different’ Moisturizing Lotion+ with Pump

Clinique Clarifying Lotion

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

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