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Vivetta Spring 15

There’s no better feeling than wearing something that you know you’d have never worn before and yet realize you kinda look good in it. That said, having a tendency to wear mainly blue or black outfits is not a good thing. So my mission not to wear solid dark colors for at least a week or so has here been accomplished. This SS 15 Vivetta outfit couldn’t be more anti all those serious working-girl outfits you might feel my IG is overloaded with … lol. No, but seriously how cute are these multi-colored brocade matching pants and top? The collection is not available yet but you’ll soon be able to purchase it on Net-a-Porter. And I’m sure my Minna Parikka mouse shoes didn’t go unnoticed – it’s the first time you can see them on the blog but they’ve been wearing them all over Instagram. Have fun with colors and brocade!!

Vivetta Spring 15 - brocade

Minka Parikka shoes

Marta Pozzan - spring summer

Details - spring summer

Minna Parikka mouse shoes

Vivetta matching pants and top

Pants and top – Vivetta

Shoe – Minna Parikka

Bag – Marie Turnor