Manner Market

August 18 - 2014

Danielle Nicole

Cotton candy pink and wearing a shirt as a dress are two of my favorite things, so here came my instant love for this outfit. The ‘Nine Lives Dress’ my Cameo The Label – everybody is obsessing over this brand! – is basically a long vest meant to be worn as a dress or on top of a long T-shirt or a simple slip. And that scarf… I’m so happy to support Audria, my friend and creative mind behind Manner Market, a collection of scarves that turn a classic basic into a modern essential. The prints are made of simple things like a road, a forest or wood that suddenly turn into very elegant and dreamy pieces. Manner Market is the perfect example of ‘fashion meets art’, where a photograph becomes a printed fabric. Cherry on top, my new Nicolle Daniele backpack – soon available at I’m literally wearing it with every single outfit, it’s easy and perfect for day time but great for a little weekend getaway and for urban life as well. This is how my Monday is looking, pink and printed!

Photos by Enrico De Conti.

Cameo The Label - Nine Lives Dress

Cameo The Label - Dress

Manner Market - Forest

Nicolle Daniele backpack

Manner Market Forest

Danielle Nicole handbags

It’s Super Fashion