Jelly Sandals on Repeat

August 15 - 2014



Jelly sandals are not for everybody, I know that… But hey, they make them look sexy in those American Apparel ads, so you can do that too! And there a different kind of jelly sandals out there; from the most classic ‘back to school’ ones to the high-heeled jelly wedges. So a lot to chose from… What’s yours?

The Miista Rachel Platform Sandal

These green and blue platform sandals are very downtown LA-Camden Town girl, punk chic, featuring a genuine leather upper with translucent green buckle closures and a chunky lug sole. By Miista.

Miista - jelly Sandals

The Juju Seven Baby Pink Exclusive Flat Jelly Sandals

The JuJu sandals, born in 1986 in Britain, are great for a girl that would never wear chunky jelly sandals but that’s more of a girly girl and loves pink. With a contemporary spin on the original retro jelly shoe, JuJu gives the Jelly shoe a style refresh, with a vibrant eye popping colours and glitter flecked finishes.

asos sandals

The Juju NINA Fluro Jelly Sandals

The JuJu NINA are the most classic version of jelly sandals, old school ‘back to school’ action full on. If you wear it you gotta own it, socks or no socks, like a real American Apparel sexy model. They come in so many colors, so get creative!

JuJu - Jelly Sandals

The Sophia Webster Rosa vinyl and leather sandals

The Sophia Webster high-heeled jelly sandals are the chicest version of the jellies, meant for real women with real money that possibly work in fashion. Fashion editors love them and would wear them with crazy patterned midi skirts or super slouchy and distressed boyfriend jeans.

Sophia Webster


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    Love the pink ones

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