Designer Spotlight: Azlee

August 10 - 2014

Azlee - Diamond Necklace

My latest designer crush is jewelry designer Baylee Zwart and her line is called AZLEE. Azlee is simplicity, geometric shapes and elegance. AZLEE is made and hand finished in California. Its strong architectural lines are exemplified in a full range of gold, silver, and unique black rhodium stackable pieces featuring custom-cut stones and asymmetric diamond accents. The necklaces and bracelets are very precious and delicate, simply made for layering; I like to play with their length and even wear two necklaces with a way longer one.

They usually say that you can tell a lot about the story or the personality of a designer from his/her collection. Well, the name of the brand, AZLEE, is a combination of her middle, last and first name; so that’s a good start. Baylee was raised between California and Colorado, and graduated with a degree in Retail Business from Santa Clara University. She has worked at Glamour, Allure, and TOMS Shoes and then went the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala to develop AZLEE. After crafting the original samples in Guatemala, Zwart returned home and Fall 2014 marks the debut of her collection. AZLEE has, as the designer explains, “an independent spirit with a worldly vibe. My girl lives completely in the moment. She’s humble, yet confident, and expects to be noticed. AZLEE brings out her dynamic side in a very understated, yet chic way.”

The collection was instantly recognized by The Zoe Report, Who What Wear and you can shop it at and Check out her website, I hope you love it as much as I do!

Photos by Chad Wilson.

Azlee - Mayan 4 Diamond Studs Turquoise Yellow Gold

Azlee - Diamond Necklaces

Pana Piece 3 Diamond Necklace Yellow Gold

Mayan 4 Diamond Studs Turquoise Yellow Gold

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