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February 13 - 2014

Marta Pozzan wearing Karl Lagerfeld

NYFW is over… Finally! Now I’m back to LA and here’s my letter to you New York, beautiful and complicated city.

New York,

I love you, I really do, but why are you so cold? Why do you make me feel like I’m crunching my abs to keep warm as I walk on the streets? Not that I really mind that since I basically didn’t have to work out last week but NY you’re so cold… Sometimes I can’t stand you, I’m sorry. It’s like I love you but you’re just to bitter to me, it’s not gonna work, I’m sorry… Let’s just take a break for now and I’ll see you in the Spring, how about that?

Good thing the clothes kept my mood up during cold NYFW, not only the ones I saw at the shows but these beautiful Karl Lagerfeld pieces I got to style and shoot while staying at the Hudson. It would have definitely been too cold to wear that fierce yellow moto jacket outside, considering that coming straight from LA, I was NOT prepared to the NY climate, at all! But the highlight of the outfit are the fingerless gloves with Karl’s iconic profile. Shoes by Karl Lagerfeld again; they are creepers so I’m even more in love with Karl now.

This might not have been the perfect outfit to walk the streets of NY during the storm but great for drinks at dinner at the Hudson Common where I had a very yummy Tuscan Kale salad. The cocktails are very good too, try the gus dry meyer lemon soda! Full post with all my NYFW outfits to follow on Monday! Friday is here and now that I’m back in LA I can rock the Karl outift.

Love you NY xx

GUESS dress, Palethorp bag, Brian Lichtenberg ‘Ballin’ beanie.

Pictures by Federica Dall’Orso.

Karl Lagerfeld - Marta Pozzan

Guess leopard dress

Brian Lichtenberg - Palethorp bag

karl yellow jacket

Brian Lichttenberg Ballin

Guess - Marta Pozzan

  • Diana

    OMG that jacket is amazing!!

  • Anna

    Bellissime queste foto Marta

  • Valentina

    No words can describe how much beautiful you are!!! *_*
    I really love the power of this outfit!!!

  • Gloria Sanchez

    Super look and hermosa mujer
    kisses <3

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