Beverly Hills Hotel

February 3 - 2014

Marie Turnor - Natalia Benson

The Beverly Hills Hotel is such a dreamy location for great pictures and for everything in general. The feeling I have when I’m there is that I can take a break, breathe and enjoy the beautiful LA weather. The Beverly Hills Hotel is like a happy place, a little oasis far from the city yet inside it.

I’ve always wanted to live in a hotel for a while, I know it might sound weird but hotel lobbies and rooms fascinate me somehow. When I’m staying in a hotel, my everyday routine goes on standby and new things can happen, new decisions can be made. Hotels are great for meditation or just to clear your mind and gather your thoughts; to see things from a different angle. As I am morning person, another thing I love about hotels is the breakfast and honestly, how could you not? And then there’s the relaxing time by the pool, the quick stop at the Spa, and the time for yourself, that’s what hotels are about and that’s what life should be all about.

James Jeans jean jacket, ZARA faux leather dress with straps, TOPSHOP platform sandals, Marie Turnor ‘The Feast’ bag and Natalia Benson rings.

Pictures by Federica Dall’Orso.

Beverly Hills  - Marta Pozzan

Natalia Benson jewelry

Zara - Beverly Hills

beverly hills hotel - marta pozzan

Zara - leather dress

It’s Super Fashion