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Welcome 2014

Are you ready to welcome 2014? Did you get your party dress and your clutch yet? What about New Year’s resolutions, did you make your list? I’m still working on mine actually…

But there’s a few things I already know I need to write down. At the top of my list there will be HEALTH. Taking care of yourself, of your body and soul is the most important thing ever; often times we’re caught up in all the stuff that’s going on in our lives and we easily forget that none of that ‘stuff’ would be possible if our bodies and minds weren’t strong and healthy enough. Second most important resolution is caring about your JOB: professional growth and career goals are major. I believe achieving professional goals is the biggest step towards self satisfaction and relationships improvement. If you’re happy with your job, you’ll be happier with yourself and others. Want it or not, in the world we live now part of what we are is determined by our job, so we better love that and be as good as we can at it. Third, LOVE. Love people that support you and believe in who you are, love the people you work with, your friends, family, your boyfriends… To all that add PASSION, AMBITION, RESPECT, POSITIVITY and GRATITUDE and your resolutions will be a lot easier!

*****HAPPY 2014*****

Styled by Christopher Riviera, shot by Chad J. Wilson, MUA Denisse Villa. Black peplum top, PINKO pants, Steve Madden shoes, Daniel Espinosa gold cuff and gold ball ring, JewelMint earrings and Lauren Mirkin clutch.

Pink - black pants 2014

Daniel Espinosa gold cuff

Lauren Mirkin clutch

Marta Pozzan - Steve Madden shoes

JewelMint earrings