Like Venetian Marbled Paper

October 11 - 2012

Like Venetian Marbled Paper

Patricia Garcia - Venetian

Patricia Garcia - Like Venetian Marbled Paper

Patricia Garcia - Fashion designer

Ventian marble dress

Fake marble dress

Patricia Garcia emerging designer

Collection Lineup

Collection - patricia garcia

I wish you a Happy Friday with a special post on a great emerging artist. Her name is Patricia Garcia and her creations are made of venetian marble…just printed! I found her on NYLON Magazine, September 2012 as she was features, among other 4 girls, as one of the most brilliant 2012 graduates at the Savannah College of Art. She really got my attention with her magical prints and her European sensibility. She is from Fairfax, VA and she comes from a Cuban American family. She describes her collection as “energizing, inventive, and bright.” Here’s little more about her.

How do you see yourself? I consider myself an artist more so, than a designer. My work has a more European and conceptual aesthetic. I am obsessed with the human condition, wether it be physical or mental, past or present. The way we evolve fascinates me. I imagine myself to be a mad scientist with clothes! I have a geek-ish love for Sci-Fi stories, including those of H.G. Wells.

What inspired your collection? My Senior Collection was inspired by Vincent VanGogh‘s twisted thoughts. I came across an article about the reclusive heiress, Huguette Clark, that mentioned her extensive collection of impressionist paintings hidden within her home. That got my head spinning with the concept of a reclusive woman falling in love with Vincent Van Gogh. I wanted my prints to evoke a sporadic beauty that I imagine would be the visuals inside Vincent’s mind. The colors in deep purples, bright yellows, rich greens and blues were ultimately the results of researching his color palettes. To stay true to painters themselves, I used no black in this collection.

I think your collection is really reflecting the love for prints of this fall and especially the trend of mixing them. Is that how you envisioned your clothes? Yes, kind of. The woman wearing my clothes  wear the whole painting, not just a print. My work delves into heavily printed custom textiles and unique silhouettes that either lend themselves to the prints, or turn the human form into a modern sculpture. Working with unconventional materials also helps stretch my designs to new places.

I know there’s more behind these marbled prints…Right?  My prints were a collaborative effort between my dear friends and artistic partners, The Experience Collective and I. This is a link to their website: Their work primarily resides in outdoor installation works of art, however they are skilled in many different techniques including the fabric marbling for this collection. Hopefully, in the next few months, we will be launching our own brand of one of a kind, marbled apparel!
What’s up next? Right now, I am applying for internships/jobs all over the U.S. and Europe as well as working on my website, ! We’ll see where I end up! I’d love to experience the world of DVF, Commes De Garcons, Peter Pilotto, or Mary Katrantzou!
Pictures by David Goddard, he is also a Scad graduate who is now working in NYC.

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